NSS-8 8,000 lb Service Storage Four Post Automotive Lift

NSS-8 8,000 lb Service Storage Four Post Automotive Lift

Free shipping to the lower 48 United States! 

This car lift is great for storage or service. This lift comes with a caster kit, jack tray, and three drip trays.  The drips trays will keep any fluid from the top vehicle from dripping on the bottom vehicle.  Jack tray allows you to use a bottle jack or floor jack to lift one end of your vehicle.  Caster kit allows you to easily move your auto lift around the garage.  It is easy to set up and completely portable.  If you need to store your car this is the lift for you.  A time tested design that has been used for over 20 years.  With automatic locking that engage at 10 different positions as you raise the vehicle.  The default standard color is black.

Capacity 8,000 lbs.
Overall Height 84"
Overall Length 175"
Overall Width 106"
Lift Height 72"
Height Under Runway 69"
Runway Length 165"
Drive Thru Width 93"
Runway Width 18"
Lowered Height 5"
Locking Positions 10
Base Plate Size 12"x12"
Lock Release Single Point
Lift Time 40 Seconds
Voltage 110 Volts
Shipping Weight 1,600 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions

Your Auto Lift ships on a LTL common carrier freight company. It is taken to your location on a 48 foot semi truck. Please note the following before making your purchase:

  • You are responsilbe for unloading the lift from the truck. The truck driver does not unload it for you.
  • Lift Gate delivery service is not available for auto lifts.
  • You cannot unload an auto lift from the truck by hand. You must have machinery that can lift the full weight on your auto lift for unloading from the truck. Fork Lift, Bobcat, Tractor, Tow Truck, Back Hoe are all good options.
  • If you cannot unload from a truck, we can ship to our carrier's nearest freight terminal for you to pickup with a trailer or moving van.
  • You are responsible for calling the freight company to make a delivery appointment. We don't know your schedule so we can't do this for you.
  • Free shipping does not iclude shipping to Government Secure Locations, State and National Parks, Constructions Sites, Islands, Alaska or Hawaii.

When your lift ships, we will email you the carrier information and tracking number. Freight shipping is slower than small package shipping and can take 3-14 days depending on your location so please be patient.


Triumph Lifts come with a 1 year parts warranty, no labor. You simply call us, we toubleshoot the problem over the phone with you, we ship you the part needed to fix the problem free of charge, the part is free and shipping is free. The free shipping is ground service. We do not cover labor costs for someone to install the replacement part, you must do this yourself or pay someone to do it but most of the time it is very easy for a car mechanic to do themselves. We do not cover the rubber lifting pads, and the cylinders come with a 30 day full warranty and after 30 days we provide a seal kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not bad at all

Came with no instructions! National Auto Tools had the best price for this lift online. This thing is heavy, took me an a buddy 4 hrs to install.

Shipped bolted to braces at each end, large bolts hold the runways, small ones hold the four posts. Make sure you place braces underneath before unbolting or risk crushing some toes.

Runway with piston and cables underneath (super heavy one) is the right side of the lift (passenger side of the vehicle when driving on to it) the lip goes towards the inside, the hole for the hydraulic will be on the outside where the vehicle passenger rear tire would be.

You will build the posts and crossbars first, then attach the runways. I put a strap around each end of the runway and used a hi-lift jeep jack to lift each end up by hooking the strap onto the jack tongue, once up I put jack stands under the runway ends higher then the crossbar, then pushed the post/crossbar into place and bolted it.

Once the lift is together you will need to lay on the floor and use your foot to push-extend the piston to give the cables the length needed for the install (about 5ft)

The cables are self explanatory, just have to feed a few through some framing.

Instructions would have been nice for the locking mechanism install, but the small linkage mounts to the bottom of the bracket, long one to the top of it. Make sure you do. It over tighten the handle pivot point of the mechanism will bind and not engage properly.

Just installed, nice lift!

I just received this lift on July 18th, 2017. I ordered it the week before, so it arrived very quickly. Packaging was very good, no damaged parts. Everything was there, no missing parts. The only thing missing were installation instructions but those are easily found online. I also watched a few videos on YouTube before attempting to install the lift. The instructions will tell you to install the cables, but mine came with the cable already installed. I had the help of 4 of my kids aged 13 to 19 and my father-in-law. it took us about 2 hours to uncrate and get the lift to the point of filling with hydraulic fluid. Since I didn't have the hydraulic fluid (3 gallons of AW32 or ISO32) I had to wait until the next day to finish the installation. I finished the installation the next day by myself since the heavy lifting was already done. Took about 2.5 hours start to finish. I haven't bolted it down yet, but will once I figure out exactly where it is going to be permanently. I have had the following vehicles on it and it handled them all very well: 1985 F-150, 1988 Mercury Colony Park Station Wagon, 2005 Uplander minivan, 2003 Buick LeSabre. The pump motor is listed as 30 amps at 110v. I have it plugged into a 20 amp 110v circuit right now, but it can struggle to start when there is weight on the lift. I will hard wire it to a 30amp circuit. OVERALL: does the job I need which is a part-time auto repair shop and maintaining my own fleet of 10+ vehicles. Buy it, you won't be sorry.

Excellent Value

Excellent Value, Easy to install and setup. I would recommend this lift for any home or restoration shop. The finish is high quality, and the materials feel great. This lift was actually easier to install then their own installation manual shows. The cables were in place, which saved hours for me. I installed it in my home garage with nothing but a "cherry picker" and some wrenches.

Had this lift for about a year now

Had this lift for about a year now. I must say it's the best tool I have ever purchased in my life. Very easy to put together very sturdy, very reliable and last (but definitely not the least) one of the best things about it is if your not using it (which is rare) but it is so easy to maneuver off to the side or totality out of the shop. It was awesome when I had to do a deep pressure wash on a new project car. I just rolled it outside and was able to completely wash the whole underside of a abused kids 4x4 that had about a years worth of dried up mud boggin crap. Definitely best bang for bucks.

No Complaints

No complaints at all. It was easy to assemble, easy to use. High quality shinny paint job. Thanks