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With many years of experience working with freight companies, National Auto Tools will offer you the best shipping rates and services.

Many companies will offer nothing more than the standard freight services. National Auto Tools understands that some shipments are time-sensitive or require other special services. In addition to standard service, we offer the following shipping services:

  • Guaranteed on specific date.  Extra Costs Apply/
  • Lift Gate delivery.
  • Notification 24 hours before delivery date.
  • Residential delivery.
  • Construction site delivery.  Extra Costs Apply
  • Terminal pick-up.

These services may incur additional fees.

Your freight will be delivered in a 48 foot long semi truck and box trailer.  Please be sure that this size truck can gain access to your delivery point.  If truck cannot gain access to your delivery point, you will need to make other arrangements with the freight company.  Your auto lift will weigh from 1200 lbs - 1,866 lbs depending on which car lift you purchase.  Tire Equipment does weigh less than a lift, but you will still need some assistance to unload from the truck.  You will need a forklift, tractor, or backhoe to unload your automotive equipment. You can also pick-up your shop equipment at the terminal and haul it on your personal trailer. Driver is not required to help you unload your product.  The driver's job is to drive the truck.  You must unload the product from the truck.  Driver is not required to come on to your residence if he feels it is dangerous to him, his truck, or your property.  Our freight companies can ship anywhere in North America. Our installers and technicians also cover the whole United States and Canada. Be assured you are not out of reach! Installation costs will vary depending on your distance from the nearest installer.

If you live outside the USA, any shipping costs quoted do not include the following: customs clearance, duties, taxes, storage charges for freight held in bond, inspection charges, brokerage fees, or any other cost assesed by your respective country. National Auto Tools recommends you employ the services of a customs broker to clear your automotive equipment with your country.

Customers are responsible for arranging any delivery appointments with the trucking company.  The truck driver will only deliver to the address on the delivery receipt (the driver has no authorization to change delivery address).  All products must be delivered to a physical address.  Please note that National Auto Tools does not own or operate the delivery trucks.  Customer can arrange an appointment for delivery.  Please note that the driver will not call you when he is at the location or just before arriving.  His job is to deliver, not to call each customer.  The appointment you make will be the drivers and your guide as to when he will be their.

Automotive Lifts are too heavy and too large for a lift gate to handle. The trucking companies will not deliver your auto lift with a lift gate. The trucking companies will deliver tire changers, tire balancers, wheel balancers, transmission jacks, and other garage equipment that is shipped on a standard size pallet with lift gate service at the request of the customer. This cost is not included in the normal shipping quote and may be charged in addition. Customer is responsible for this cost.

The following locations are considered to be limited access areas and may require special equipment or special circumstances for delivery. The freight companies may charge extra to deliver to these areas. Customer is responsible for all extra charges to these areas. Please refer to our policies page for more information.

These areas include:

  • Residence, any location that has a living residence on site
  • Farms
  • Schools
  • Construction sites
  • Trade shows
  • State parks
  • Government locations with restricted access
  • Islands

Please note that due to rising fuel costs, any freight costs quoted will only be valid for 3 business days. Please refer to following links to our freight companies below for more specifics. Saia South Eastern Freight Lines Estes Fedex Freight Dugan Roadrunner Averitt R&L YRC, Yellow Freight