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Purchase Terms and Warranty


National Auto Tools, recommends that you employ a certified electrician to complete installation of your automotive equipment. National Auto Tools is not responsible for any problems or damage that occurs from the installation of the power unit and/or motor by anyone who is not a certified electrician. National Auto Tools is by law not able to provide an electrical wiring diagram. National Auto Tools is not responsible for any cost that may arise from the certified electrician or any repair costs caused by improper installation of power units and/or motors on any shop equipment. If any disputes arise, National Auto Tools will require a copy of the invoice from the certified electrician with an itemized report of the work done. All parts a customer finds defective must be returned for inspection before a replacement is shipped. All parts will be inspected by us and if found to be defective a replacement and/or repair to parts will be sent. If no defect is found, customer is responsible for all shipping costs of all parts. The shipping costs must be paid by customer prior to any parts being sent back to customer.  Auto Lift Motors are for use indoors and will not be warranted if installed outside.

Installation does not include the following:  purchase of required hydraulic oil, purchase of required power plug, instruction on how to use your shop equipment, delivery of the product to your location, repair of any parts damaged in shipping.

You must have the proper electricity in place at the location of the installation.  If proper electricity is not available, customer is responsible for any cost resulting from the installer having to make multiple trips to the installation site to complete the job.  If the installation site is not in a condition for safe installation of the equipment, the installer is not required to complete the job.  Installer is not required to cover any labor concerning warranty items or warranty maintenance of the auto equipment.  There is no labor warranty on any products. 

Installation does not include regular maintenance.  Regular maintenance includes but is not limited to:  Adjustment of equalizing cables on lifts, maintaining proper oil level, tightening or loosening of any hardware, replacing any wear parts(includes any moving parts), lubricating where needed, maintaining a clean environment for the product, periodically checking all parts to make sure they are functioning properly.  All of these things are functions that need to be completed by the customer that is using the product.

Damage/Missing Parts Policies:

All shop equipment must be inspected upon receipt. Make note of any visible damage or missing pieces on the bill of lading. National Auto Tools will not be liable for damages occurred by the freight company if not noted on the bill of lading. Missing power units and/or motors must be reported at time of delivery.  Any missing parts or incorrect auto equipment needs to be reported within 14 days of receipt. Anything reported after three days of receipt will be replaced or returned to us at the customer’s expense.


Shipping Policies:

National Auto Tools assumes that when a customer provides a business name, the business is open from 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday, the business is located at a commercial address, and that the business does not have a home or any other living residences on the property. National Auto Tools will not be responsible for redelivery charges to businesses that are not open during the above mentioned hours when the first delivery attempt was made. Any redelivery or residential delivery cost that are incurred due to misrepresentation or fault of the customer, must be paid in full to National Auto Tools or the warranty on the respective product is void. Any storage charges from the respective freight company must be paid in full before automotive equipment will be released for delivery. All shipping cost for international shipments must be paid by customer including shipments for warranty parts. Any costs left unpaid will void the warranty.  Customers are responsible for off loading from delivery truck any and all shop equipment at time of delivery.  Lift gate service cannot and will not be provided for auto lift and motor cycle lift delivery.  There is no guaranteed time of delivery, but delivery will not exceed (90) days from the date of order.  Custom orders can exceed the (90) day delivery time limit.  Any and all shipping costs quoted by or paid to National Auto Tools to international customers do not include the following:  Customs clearance, customs brokerage, duties, taxes, storage in bond charges, inspection charges, or any other charges imposed by customers respective country or in relation to importation of the goods.  These costs are considered the customers personal costs and are the sole responsibility of the customer.


Payment Policies:

National Auto Tools accepts all major credit cards, money orders, cashiers checks and wires. If paying by personal or business check please allow 7 business days for check to clear. All checks must clear bank before National Auto Tools can ship an order. Payment must be received before product will ship. National Auto Tools does not ship COD.  Deposits for custom orders are non refundable.  If payment is tendered by credit card or check by phone, purchaser/customer agrees  to instruct their credit card or banking institution honor payment to National Auto Tools.  Purchaser/Customer further agrees to not initiate a credit card charge back and/or cancel check payment by phone at anytime once automotive equipment has shipped.  Purchaser/Customer agrees that all sales are final once product has shipped. There are no refunds on parts orders. 


Return Policies:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL ONCE YOUR AUTO EQUIPMENT HAS SHIPPED. Orders canceled after payment is processed but before shipment, will be chanrged a 15% cancellation fee of the total invoice. If a product is shipped and purchaser/customer refuses product then customer/purchaser will be responsible for shipping costs both ways and a 30% restock fee.  We do not accept returns of used equipment.  All equipment must be in original undamaged packaging.  Pictures on site are for display purposes only and may not represent exact design of equipment.  Customer is responsible for all charges associated with returning equipment, including but no limited to fork lift or loading equipment needed to put product on freight truck, costs associated with returning equipment to authorized freight terminal, packaging equipment in a manner sufficient for shipping on freight truck.  There is no compensation for cost of time or packaging materials needed to return product.  


Warranty Policies:

All Auto Lifts, Laser Machine, Frame Machine, and Pipe Benders are warranted for one year.  Auto Lifts carry a 1 year structural warranty if installed indoors. All Tire equipment is warranted for 1 year.   All other shop equipment is warranted for 30 days. Warranty is for parts only. No labor warranty exists. Cylinders on all auto lifts will be sent seal kits for repair after 30 days. Warranty does not cover rubber lifting pads on two post lifts. Warranty does not include normal wear and tear parts on tire changers including but not limited to plastic demount heads, plastic rim clamp covers, valve stem inflation hose, plastic bead breaker cover.  Water separator and oiler are warrantied for 60 days.  Warranty does not include normal wear and tear parts on wheel balancers including but not limited to quick release wing nut, wheel weight hammer, plastic wheel cone.  Replacement parts or replacement equipment being sent to the customer does not represent an extension or renewal of the warranty period.  Shipping of warranted parts is for normal ground shipping only within the USA. Shipping costs outside the USA are the responsibility of the customer. Customer may request expedited shipping at their own expense.  All Shipping costs are paid by customer after first 60 days of warranty period, no exceptions.  International customers pay all shipping costs on all parts, no exceptions.  No warranties exist for any incidental cost occurring from loss of use of product. Warranty is not transferable. Warranty is issued to original purchaser only and cannot be transferred to anyone else. Any attempts at charge backs or legal action against National Auto Tools voids the warranty on the product purchased regardless of the decisions made by all companies involved in the transaction and or the decision of the courts. Once warranty is voided, it cannot be reinstated. No other warranty is expressed or implied. Warranty is governed by the laws of the State of Texas, County of Tarrant.  National Auto Tools will not enter into any verbal agreements regarding changes to the stated warranty policy.  National Auto Tools reserve the right to change or amend any measurements, instructions, policies, pictures, and warranties, as stated in our manuals, on our National Auto Tools website, and on any other printed or published materials, without notice to customers prior to changes being made.  Any and all vehicles pictured with our products do not imply a set measurement or dimension in regards to the lift with which they are pictured.  Purchaser/Customer has read and understands the whole of this document and all parts thereof.    Purchaser/Customer further understands that this document and all parts thereof is governed in whole or in part by the law of the State of Texas.  Any action at law, suit in equity, or other judicial proceedings for the enforcement of this document or any provision thereof shall be instituted only in the courts of the State of Texas, County of Tarrant.  The covenants and conditions contained in this document shall apply to and bind the parties, purchasers, customers, heirs, legal representatives and assigns of the parties.