C7000 7,000 lb. Portable Two Post Auto Lift


C7000 7,000 lb. Portable Two Post Auto Lift 

Free shipping to the lower 48 United States!

The all new revolutionary Chrome C-7000 is simply the most versatile two post lift in existence.  Because it is not limited by cables it can be mounted at any width up to 120"

This lift can be taken down and stored in less than 10 minutes by a single operator.  With the flush mounting system you can maintain %100 of your usable floor space.

Lift does not include wheels mounted to back of posts.

  • 7,000 Lb. Capacity
  • Lifting Height 72"
  • Base Plate Size 18" x 15"
  • Lowered Arm Clearance 4.5"
  • Automatic Locking Ladder System Welded
  • Pad Extensions/Truck Adapters 3" and 6"
  • Voltage 110v
  • Overall Height 7'11"
  • Width Between Posts 48"-120" (center to center)

Your Auto Lift ships on a LTL common carrier freight company. It is taken to your location on a 48 foot semi truck. Please note the following before making your purchase:

  • You are responsilbe for unloading the lift from the truck. The truck driver does not unload it for you.
  • Lift Gate delivery service is not available for auto lifts.
  • You cannot unload an auto lift from the truck by hand. You must have machinery that can lift the full weight on your auto lift for unloading from the truck. Fork Lift, Bobcat, Tractor, Tow Truck, Back Hoe are all good options.
  • If you cannot unload from a truck, we can ship to our carrier's nearest freight terminal for you to pickup with a trailer or moving van.
  • You are responsible for calling the freight company to make a delivery appointment. We don't know your schedule so we can't do this for you.
  • Free shipping does not iclude shipping to Government Secure Locations, State and National Parks, Constructions Sites, Islands, Alaska or Hawaii.

When your lift ships, we will email you the carrier information and tracking number. Freight shipping is slower than small package shipping and can take 3-14 days depending on your location so please be patient.


Triumph Lifts come with a 1 year parts warranty, no labor. You simply call us, we toubleshoot the problem over the phone with you, we ship you the part needed to fix the problem free of charge, the part is free and shipping is free. The free shipping is ground service. We do not cover labor costs for someone to install the replacement part, you must do this yourself or pay someone to do it but most of the time it is very easy for a car mechanic to do themselves. We do not cover the rubber lifting pads, and the cylinders come with a 30 day full warranty and after 30 days we provide a seal kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jim E

IF you are looking for a 2 post for low ceilings this is about your only option in the market. If you have limited space i.e. still need to use the work area for vehicle storage it's the best option for a 2 post lift. I reviewed and almost purchased the alternative (MJ) but luckily found this. It lifts significantly higher ,has multiple lock locations and has a much lower cost by at least $1000. Some minor issues-Instructions do not come with, you must download (no problem). Instructions are still not great. If you have mechanical ability you will figure out 99% of it. I did 2-3 months of web and youtube research of multiple sellers/lifts and learned way more than the instructions indicated. John K is one of the few that has videos and no poster shows a video of prep and install. John also has pictures of the concrete and prep work but not all on the same web page. I do recommend following a different mfg (BP) foundation guidelines using 12" deep and rebar every 12" EXCEPT for the post locations for a retro fit into existing concrete. It's likely overkill but unless you have a known, uniform, single pour, concrete floor now is not the time to be thrifty or cheap. All posters state the same for concrete, better safe than sorry.
Install- I have never done a lift install before. Once you get it disassembled from the shipping frame take the cardboard wrap and outline/trace EACH baseplate AND the holes. Once you get them vertical you do not want to lay them down again to make a drill pattern. I did my unload and install by myself using an engine hoist, two furniture dollys, two 6X6 wood blocks and a floor jack. I made the bad presumption I could trace the holes once the post was in place and then drill the concrete. I was off on 4 of the holes (2 per post) and once you drill you are not able to tweak them. I was only off by 1/4" but was able to open the holes on the posts with a carbide cutter on a die grinder and make them work. Definitely drill 3/8" pilot holes. I ended up buying a rotary hammer. My hammer drill was smoking after drilling three holes at 3/4" and not the 1" as needed. It was just too much for it. I did all the pilot holes with the hammer drill. Rotary hammer made VERY short work of the holes. So if you decide to rent one and you're holes are laid out correctly it only takes 30 minutes to drill all 12 holes with the rotary so plenty of time to rent at a 4 hr time slot. I did use AC 100 adhesive but only on one post. It setup so fast I was not able to squeeze it out of the tube for the 2nd post:( Next issue was the holders for the height adapters both on the RH side of each post covered the holes enough I could install the bolt but not thread all the way as the head of the bolt was stopped by the holder. I had to grind both of them but one more than the other to make room for the socket and the head of the bolt to thread all the way down. Since I had new concrete and it was level I did not anticipate needing to shim but it was necessary. I believe the issue is the hydraulic cylinder is slightly lower than the base plate, it protrudes down, as I could walk the post to it's position fairly easy. You are safe to buy fender shims from Harbor Freight at $10 for a box of them, they work great. Next issue was 1 lock would not activate, Called NAT for assistance, greased up the mechanism and it started to work. It's not easily visible or accessible. I used spray white lithium to grease the mechanism and it was able to reach it. NAT recommended the white lithium and I heartily agree. It makes it so much easier to see you have enough grease and it's being spread by the post shims correctly. Last issue was 1 arm was 1-1 1/2" lower than the others. Called NAT again for advice, they recommended swapping the arms to see if it went away or stayed the same. Swapped arms and it did get better down to 1/2" for the one arm. This is with both posts perfectly plumb. Not sure if swapping the arms was the fix or cycling the lift multiple times. Arms are at the same level in relation to each other regardless if they are on the floor or full height. Used for the 1st time yesterday and what a back saver! I have multiple projects lined up for this and the lift will make them all easier than working on my back like I did when I was much younger.

I hope this helps others for their purchase and install. Absolutely would buy again.

Cliff Haas
Triumph c700 Portable Lift

The experiance with NAT as a buyer was smooth and easy. The list itself is exactly what Iwanted and possibly more. I had been considering thecopetitor in "portable lift" but have a son that works with me who is quite tall. With the c7000 we can stand full height under one of the classic ford trucks we typically are modding and have all the confidence in the lift being safe and reliable. Iwould recommend this to anyone.

gary murray
C7000 Issues

After installing my lift, which was pretty strait forward.I noticed one side did not go down far enough for the arm restraints to release. I contacted National Auto Tools about this and i am still waiting for a resolution to the issue, its been a month waiting for new chains to arrive. I hope this gets resolved soon.

john lee kaufmann
Amazing Tool Use It Every Weekend

As you can tell I was very excited about my C7000 in the video linked above. It's coming up on 2 years of use and I still use it every weekend. We have a few projects going and a few that are complete. Only if my technical skills was as reliable as this lift!!!

I recommend this product to any looking for a lift that does not need to work on huge trucks or vans. The flexibility of moving it whenever you need to and the features like ladder locks and 7000 lbs capacity make it the perfect lift for me.