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Motorvac Transtech IV

Motorvac Transtech IV

2 in 1 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange System

The TransTech IV combines both Inline and Dipstick capabilities allowing for the two most common methods of ATF exchange from a single machine. With both Inline and Dipstick services together in one cabinet, TransTech IV occupies reduced floor space with minimal investment while providing service to a wider variety of vehicles.

  • Automatic Inline Exchange - Connect to a transmission cooler line and press one button. Walk away until the service is complete.
  • Dipstick Exchange - A convenient dipstick tube exchange requiring no tools or adapters.
  • Drain Pan Feature - Allows operator to drain transmission pan for a convenient and mess-free filter change.
  • Transmission Cooler Flush Feature - Allows operator to flush transmission cooler and cooler lines.
  • Patented Level Synchronization - Ensures the transmission cannot be under or overfilled.
  • Automatic Bypass - Ensures that transmission will not run out of fluid during the exchange process.
  • 26 Quart (24.6 L) New Fluid Reservoir - Allows user to service large capacity transmissions.
  • High Volume Pump - For rapid and efficient service.
  • Compact Cabinet - Designed for ease of storage.
  • Complete Adapter Kit - For servicing most domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • 2 in 1 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange System